Who We Are

CSE applies many years of e-commerce experience to successfully manage our clients’ Amazon accounts. Our team members are specifically adept at grasping your business and translating that into on online strategy and presence that delivers results within the Amazon Marketplace. Working closely with our marketing specialists, we’ve honed in on our process to make sure every effort is targeted at delivering measurable results and ultimately delivering revenue & profits.

  • Experienced Consultants

    Experienced consultants
    We are THE Amazon experts. We understand Amazon's ecosystem from the ground up, all of the tools, procedures, and confusing interactions with Seller Support!

  • Local Associates

    Local associates
    Our Seller Central associates are all US-based native English speakers, trained by our consulting team. Our merchandising team is based in China, able to quickly handle your concerns locally.

  • Former Amazonians

    Former Amazonians
    As former Amazon employees, we’ve got almost 10+ years of combined Amazon experience in: performance, customer experience, sourcing, product compliance, import logistics, private label development, and jewelry.

Our mission is to protect and grow your investment with Amazon.


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Start Selling - Grow & Protect - Work Together

The Passion

Start Selling - Grow & Protect - Work Together

Our passion is helping Amazon sellers launch, maintain and grow their account within Amazon Terms of Service.

We specialize in helping sellers see where they’ve gone wrong when Amazon warns or suspends their accounts.

We also simplify the regulatory framework and provide guidance to sellers developing their own private label brand. As brand developers, we understand exactly where in the production process errors can occur that cause brand owners difficulty when selling on Amazon.

    If you’re beginning or in the early stages of selling on Amazon.

    If you’ve been selling for some time and want to improve & protect your sales.

    If you want professional help managing your account.


Tired of other sellers changing your product titles or descriptions?

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